Create the store listing

We’re delighted that you’ve decided to join the force with us. The approval process begins as soon as you create the app’s Store entry. Each new public app that is submitted to the apaleo Store must be certified to ensure high standards of quality and reliability that our customers expect.

Here’s a high-level representation of the approval process:

The first step is to register your app account. Head over to to register your app account. None of the data you enter during registration will display on the apaleo Store. For logging in, you can use the username or email.

To register your app account:

  1. Navigate to

  2. On this page, enter the following details:

    Field Description
    Username Enter your company name.
    First Name Enter your first name. This is an “optional” field.
    Last Name Enter your last (family) name. This is an “optional” field.
    E-mail Address Enter the email address where we’ll contact you.
    Password Your password must be at least eight characters long and include characters from at least three of the following four categories - upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, special characters. White spaces are not allowed.

    We will use this data to communicate with you, connect you to the hotels, and inform you about important updates of the apaleo Store.

  3. Click Register.

Next step is to create the store entry for your app. To create your app listing page, you need to go to your app area, click the link Apps at the very top left corner on the apaleo Store.

To create the store entry for your app:

  1. Click Add App to add a new app entry, or select drafts or published entries from the dashboard.

    You can save your draft at any time, and preview how the entry would look like.

  2. On the Add App page, enter the following details:

    Field Description
    Title Enter your app’s name by what it’s going to be recognized in the Store.
    Short description Try finding a balance between marketing and informing to get store visitor’s attention.
    Long description Clearly state what your app does and why the integration with apaleo is useful. Also, please don’t make it too long. There’s always the link to your website to learn more.
    Gallery Add one or more images. This can be either pure marketing content, screenshots, or a mix of everything.
    Company Enter the website of the company.
    Prices You can specify one or more prices for your product.

    Prices can be - per room/per property/per year/per month.

    Tick the checkbox trial, when you want to create a trial period, and specify the trial period’s length in days or months.
    Feedback Add testimonials from your clients.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that those customers have given consent to share their feedback.
    Categories Choose categories that best represent your app’s use case.
    Link Description
    Product website Product website should link to the product’s landing page of your company website.
    Support link Support link can either be a link to a support portal you are using, a (be sure to prefix it correctly), or a link to information on your website, which gives more details of your support terms.
    Documentation link Documentation link should point to any online onboarding guides or documentation.
    Privacy policy link Privacy policy is mandatory if your application is handling guest data.
    Connect URL Connect URL can only be filled in when your integration uses apaleo connect as described in here. With this, customers can connect apaleo and your product with one click.
    Status link Status link points to any pages you have that report your product’s uptime and availability.
    Schedule a demo link Provide a Schedule-a-Demo link to allow your users to book a demo appointment instantly.
  3. That’s it! Once you are happy with how your product would display, click Submit for Review and wait for us to get back to you with a review.

Wait for feedback from us

In the review, we focus on the points that impact the store experience of hotels. Specifically, those are:

  • completeness and (to a certain degree) correctness of the content.
  • quality of images
  • links to support and privacy (if personal data is stored)
  • consistency in formatting and tone across all apps. Some examples: Don’t overuse bold or italic fonts, do not write in ALL CAPS, and consider using lists, when you list items.

Before publishing, we will also need you to sign our listing T&Cs, which we will make available to you latest. Or earlier, if you ask nicely.

Pending approval

After creating your store entry, you’ll need to certify your app. During certification, your app will appear under the Pending section until it’s approved.


Once your app is approved after the certification process, it’ll be under the Published section, and your listing will be ready to go live at the apaleo Store.