Webhooks payload

Once you have created your subscription, all you have to do is process the incoming events from apaleo.

The webhook service will send all types of events as a POST request to the endpointUrl that you have set up for your subscription.

Events we send to your webhooks all have the same structure as follows:

  "topic": "Reservation",
  "type": "created",
  "id": "ec5a1fe4-331c-450a-915c-5caa231cc825",
  "accountId": "HFTF",
  "propertyId": "HFTF-AADS",
  "data": {
    "entityId": "XPGMSXGF-1"
  "timestamp": 1530741026

Typically, you might want to use this information to query more data. For example, get the reservation entity by its ID. The data element is optional and can in the future contain payloads with different schemas. For now, it’s always the entityId.

Depending on your use case, you might need initial sync after you created (or updated) a subscription.