Inventory and rates

First, head over to our guides and get familiar with the way apaleo models inventory and rate plans, and what rate restrictions we support.

If you already have a developer account set up, you can follow these guides to set up rates, and check the network traffic in your browser. The apaleo UI is using the same API as you will, and this is a great way to get familiar with the calls.

There is one concept in apaleo, which is quite different from what you might now: Time slices. With this, we mean the time slot, for which a room is offered. Each hotel comes with two standard patterns, overnight and day-use. If you only want to manage rates for nights, be sure to filter all rate plans to be overnight. Then, you can think of ‘one time slice’ as being the same as one night.

You know better about revenue management than we do, but we recommend you to always GET the rates, then manipulate the data you retrieved, and send it back with the PUT call.

To receive a change to rate plans and rates, ensure that you use webhooks to receive a notification when a rate plan is created. Listen to the rate-changed event to get rate changes.