Recertify your app

For apps that have been already certified and published in the Apaleo Store, you must re-submit the app for recertification if there are any changes in your app that impact its integration with Apaleo, such as:

  • New use cases
  • Changes to existing use cases
  • Deprecated use cases
  • Changes to scope

Once you submit the following app recertification request, we contact you to schedule a short certification call (usually 1-3 hours) to run through some simple scenarios and verify that everything works as expected.

In this call, we use screen sharing to review your app’s integration in your Apaleo developer account and your app for all the integrated use cases.

Submit your app recertification request

How long does it take for my app to be recertified?

We start the certification process as soon as we get your app recertification request. We want your app to get through the approval process quickly and without any obstacles.

Prerequisites for a certification call:

Certification call

In the certification call, we verify the following things:

Verification Description
Use cases / API calls You should be able to showcase all the use cases that have changes or have been introduced in the app. Once you complete the demonstration of the changes, you may be asked for additional information or be requested to make changes to your app integration, depending on the outcome of the review.
Scopes We’ll verify that your app only requests the scopes that are an absolute must for your use-case.

Schedule the certification meeting (2-hour)

What’s next?

  • We’ll send you a detailed certification email indicating the outcome of the certification process.
  • If your app does not clear the certification process, then we’ll provide detailed feedback on what needs to be fixed. Once those fixes are made, then we can have another short certification call to go over the fixes. If they are satisfactory, then your app listing can be updated on the Apaleo Store.