Integration - Examples

Get more from your apps with apaleo integration. Here’s a sample list of integrations. We have put this together to get you started with common integrations. You can do this and much more with apaleo APIs.

apaleo Pay integration apaleo Pay centralizes the payment information from all of the multi-channel transactions to provide you with a guest-centered payment experience.
Channel integration apaleo's distribution API lets you subscribe for updates on availability, rates and inventory (ARI), create new bookings and modify existing bookings. We built this to make channel manager integrations easy, but it turned out to be neat for reporting applications or revenue management, too.
IBE integration apaleo's Core API, especially the Booking API, gives you all you need to implement a powerful IBE. Together with apaleo Pay, you've got all you need.
Point of sale integration Use our API's to seamlessly connect your point of sales (POS) application to apaleo.
Revenue management integration Connect your revenue or rate management application (RMS) to apaleo.
Finance management integration Connect your accounting or financial ERP to apaleo.
Upsell integration Connect your upselling application, and offer extra services or room upgrades to guests.
Digital guest journey integration We have powerful APIs to help you integrate anything guest-facing with apaleo.