Create onboarding guide

When you’re done with the integration, we’d like you to create an onboarding guide that explains your integration. Here’s a basic outline of the onboarding guide:


  • Short introduction of your app
  • What data will be shared between apaleo and your app?
  • Any prerequisites

How do I connect the app to apaleo?


Include information about the following settings:

  • Account settings
  • Property settings or mappings
  • Room mapping
  • Rate mapping
  • Service mapping

Include important notes like, “Only rate plans and services that have ‘Channel manager’ channel configured will be available for the mapping.”

Also, provide an example that shows all the mappings. Include your support information and also FAQs explaining best practices or standard errors.

Provide information about who to contact for sync issues. How to request a full-sync? If possible, provide a synchronization button in your app that allows the hotel to trigger a full-sync themselves.

You can refer to the Detco HRS Channel Connector onboarding guide as an example.

How do I disconnect from apaleo?

  • Instructions for disconnecting your app from apaleo. You can refer to the Flexkeeping onboarding guide as an example.
  • Request the hotel to contact you before disconnecting the app so you can delete the webhook or ARI subscriptions. Same thing for UI integrations.

How to get support?

  • Your support email address
  • Help center or documentation link