Get certified

When you’re done with the integration, we’d like to have a look at it to see all is working okay. We’re more strict here than with other integrations, as the impact of having something wrong here is much higher than, say, a housekeeping app, or concierge services. These are the points we’ll check:


  • How is the flow when connecting a new customer?
  • How do you map rate plans?


  • Change prices, restrictions and availability in apaleo and verify the data is received by you. Ensure prices with decimal are received correctly
  • Are changes to surcharges for extra adults transmitted correctly?
  • How are prices for additional services like breakfast synchronized? (if applicable)
  • Is information about taxes (afterTax, beforeTax) relevant for you? If yes, how do you use it?


  • Book a rate plan with an included service
  • Book multiple rooms in one booking (e.g. for reservations with all room stays)
  • Test reservations with prices that have decimal places to ensure they are handled correctly
  • Test reservations with different pricing types (BeforeTaxesWithVat, BeforeTaxes or AfterTaxes)
  • Change arrival and departure
  • Add rooms to a booking or cancel rooms
  • Change guest data for the primary and for additional guests
  • Receiving proper number of adults and / or children per room
  • Cancel a booking
  • Add and remove extras on a reservation
  • How do you handle credit cards, including transmission of virtual cards?
  • How do you treat exceptions if, e.g. you cannot deliver a reservation?