Train your system

Before setting the rates, you might have some magic calculation in place. apaleo lets you access every single piece of data stored in it, and you can use it all for training for the army of friendly and smart recommendation robots. Here are some suggestions: All the reservations, with all their prices. And info on if they were cancelled, how many people stay there, if it was a part of a multi-room booking, if services were included, how long in advance the booking was made - anything.

GET /booking/v1/reservations

Check current availability and pricing information, using the offer-index:

GET /booking/v1/offer-index

Or what channel managers do, and get real-time updates on ARI (availability, rates, and inventory) data using the Distribution API.

Care to dig deeper? Access folio data to check when the guest paid and how:

GET /finance/v1/folios/

This is where your expertise lies, though, and we are sure you know better than us, what data you want or need. Whatever idea you have - we’re pretty sure, apaleo has an API for that. And if not, let us know at