Review the consent screen

The consent screen will be rendered by apaleo, as part of the flow described below. Request your API credentials (the ones which work for all hotels) and tell us in the comments:

API Credentials What’s this?
Client name Your application’s name, used on the consent screen
Scopes Permissions that define the type of protected resources a connected app can access. They are included with the OAuth tokens during the authorization flow. Check our Swagger documentation where each API endpoint describes which scope is required.
Redirect url It is where users are redirected after successful authorization. It is the connected app’s callback URL. If further setup is required to establish the connection to apaleo, such as mapping of fields or other configuration, it is a good idea to redirect the user there. Ensure the redirect URL can be called, and is using https.

We will review the data to ensure that all will work okay and get back to you within a few days.

This is how an example consent screen looks like: