This guide explains how you can connect your point of sale (POS) application to apaleo. This integration allows your POS app to post charges to guest folios or external folios.

To know which folio you want to post to, you need:

  • Booking API (to get the reservation by the guest name or room number)
  • Finance API (to create or retrieve folio and post charges and payments)

For more information about folios, we recommend checking out the end-user guide for folios.

Before we dig into the details, let’s clarify some terms.

Term What’s this?
POS The term point of sale denotes the location at which guest purchases goods or services in hotel property (restaurant, spa, gift shop, etc.). Any section of the hotel collecting revenue for its products and services is considered a point of sale. It can be hotel’s POS or a third-party POS.
Transitory Charge The way goods and services offered by another provider are recorded, such as services by a restaurant that belongs to someone else.
Whenever posting a charge on a folio, you need to consider whether it is the hotel selling or a third-party (like the taxi company or the restaurant). When it is someone else, you need to choose a “transitory charge.” You are actually collecting the amount on behalf of the third-party.
Transitory charges never have VAT. VAT is collected by the company offering the service, and they also need to provide detailed receipts and invoices to the guests.
Units The unit represents the things that your guests can book, whether those are rooms in a hotel, resort, hostel, etc.