Setup and configuration

Get your apaleo developer account and check out this topic to learn how to connect to the apaleo APIs.

For most upselling integrations, the Core APIs are the only ones needed. Switch between different modules using the dropdown in the top right corner. The Rate Plan APIs let you retrieve all available rate plans and extras the hotel set up in apaleo. Use these to initially configure your upselling paths and options, directly after the hotel connects your app with apaleo. Note that each rate plan is always connected to exactly one unit group (or ‘room type’). This might be different from what you are used to by other systems.

GET /rateplan/v1/rate-plans
GET /rateplan/v1/services

You can let hotels set up their own upselling services in your application, and then push them over to apaleo. This is useful if you want to model room upgrades as extra services, instead of changing the price for the room rate for the reservation. Besides services that can be booked on any day covered by the stay dates of the reservation, you can also define services that can only be booked on the arrival or departure date. This is helpful for early check-in or late check-out fees or final cleaning packages.

POST /rateplan/v1/services

The Booking API is where the magic happens. Here you can get the reservation you want to modify.

GET /booking/v1/reservations/{id}