The guest's journey

The journey starts when a person (let’s call her Caroline) sits at home or in the office and thinks about staying at a hotel. We’ll skip that whole part, and fast-forward to when she booked, and the reservation is created in apaleo, but if you want to also create a booking then you can refer to the IBE integration guide. There we talk a whole lot about getting offers, getting the money, and sending the booking to apaleo.

This is all about the happiness of hotel guests and hotel staff (because they’ll have to work less). Not about the money.

Reservation status and real-time events

Each step in the guest journey relates to a reservation status in apaleo: Confirmed, InHouse, or CheckedOut. For changes from one to the next, we do send events you can observe using webhooks. The events to listen to are checked-in and checked-out.