This is the phase where Caroline receives a reservation confirmation, time passes, and she can’t wait to get to the hotel and check-in. You can search for the reservations with parameters arrival and departure dates to see the arrivals for any period.

Communication with guests

Communicate with Caroline - you might want to check Caroline’s email address and phone number so that you can send her welcome email/SMS or send any information. Sending targeted pre-arrival messages allows you to promote deals that will make Caroline’s stay more fun, memorable, relaxing or hassle-free.

GET /booking/v1/reservations/{id}?expand=booker

You can choose who you want to send the notification to the booker or the guest. Take, or, fields from the response.

Email, SMS, or app notifications

Reservation events - we send reservation events you can observe using webhooks. The ones that are important to listen are amended, changed, and canceled.

Upsell offerings - based on Caroline’s stay history, you can offer her extra services or room upgrades. You can find more details in the Upsell integration guide.

Self-check-in - you can send communication to Caroline to allow her check-in via smartphone before arriving at the hotel, including filling the digital registration card, making payments, and so on.

Pre-check-in activities

Update guest information (digital registration card) - for digital registration card and statistics. First, get the reservation, to fill the data entry form, and then pass the changed data like photo, signature, ID scan, and so on to:

PATCH /booking/v1/reservations/{id}

We recommend you automatically verify if the guest has already stayed in the hotel before and pre-fill all the information in the digital registration card.

Add guests - guests might want to add additional guests. You can achieve this using:

PATCH /booking/v1/reservations/{id}

Assign a random room - have to sleep somewhere, right? You best first check if a room is already assigned. Hotels don’t always (never) appreciate it if you mess with their room assignment.

GET /booking/v1/reservations/{id}?expand=timeslices

Careful here, you will see a unit on the top level of the response, but you might also want to check in the time slices to see room moves. Otherwise, you’ll get the first room (pre-stay), the current room (stay), or the last room (post-stay). When you don’t see anything, call this to assign a random unit:

PUT /booking/v1/reservation-actions/{id}/assign-unit

Let Caroline pick a room - room with a view? Next to the elevator or far away? The guest’s favorite number is 5? Display all available rooms and their attributes:

GET /booking/v1/available-units

… and then enrich the results with the unit attributes you get for one unit:

GET /inventory/v1/units/{id}

The last thing to do, set the chosen room on the reservation:

PUT /booking/v1/reservation-actions/{id}/assign-unit/{unitId}

Let Caroline upgrade her room - you can also suggest Caroline to upgrade her room. You have to retrieve all alternative offers for this one reservation and find the offer that matches best. Find the one with the same cancellation policies and guarantees, or anything else that makes sense to you. This is your expertise, not ours. You can find more details in the Upsell integration guide.

GET /booking/v1/reservations/{id}/offers

The last thing to do, set the chosen room on the reservation:

PUT /booking/v1/reservation-actions/{id}/assign-unit/{unitId}
PUT /booking/v1/reservation-actions/{id}/amend/$force

Remove city tax - you might want to remove city tax if the guest is not a leisure traveler. Remove it with:

PUT /booking/v1/reservation-actions/{id}/remove-city-tax


Remote check-in - well, yeah.

PUT /booking/v1/reservation-actions/{id}/checkin

Check-in kiosk - if Caroline wants to do a self-check-in via a Kiosk at the hotel reception. You can very well handle that by including features for digital registration forms, payment via a payment terminal, activating key cards, and so on.

PUT /booking/v1/reservation-actions/{id}/checkin