Modify bookings

The request model for modifications is very similar to the one for creating bookings. Call the following, and pass the apaleo booking ID:

PUT /bookings/{id} PUT /reservations/{id}/cancel

To make the API easier to use, we decided to deviate from how PUT normally works in two areas:

Undeletable first level objects

The PUT requests basically is a “create or update” request. If you omit one of the fields on the first level, or send an empty object, we will not remove it or cancel it, but pretend you sent the exact data we already have stored. The first level fields are:

  • Credit Card
  • Booker
  • Comment
  • Booker Comment
  • List of Reservations

This allows you to add a reservation to an existing booking by just sending the new reservation without always having to repeat the data for the booker, the credit card or all the other rooms.

Reservations are identified by the apaleo reservation ID. Reservations without this ID are considered to be new and will be added to the booking. Reservations with an ID will be updated based on the provided information. The API behaves like a “create or update” request.

Merging of guest and booker data

OTAs often do not provide a rich set of data, and a lot of guest-related data is collected by the hotel and put to the guest profile in the property management system (like, apaleo). To not accidentally lose this information we only allow you to override the following fields:

  • Guest Data
  • Booker Data
  • Travel Purpose

If you omit these fields or do send some of their properties empty or not at all, we will not remove it, we will just leave it untouched.