Setup and configuration

Get your apaleo developer account and check out this topic to learn how to connect to the apaleo APIs.

Specify sub-accounts on charges

In your POS app, you have a set of goods and services. You can assign each type of product a category. Then, you can map these categories to a custom sub-account. It will be reflected in accounting.

Sub-accounts allow you to better understand and structure your revenues. For example, in a restaurant, you can have the following items:

  • Food
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Non-alcoholic drinks

As hotels can turn sub-accounts on and off, the schema might include sub-accounts or not. You can overwrite this by specifying the accountingSchema. The simple schema always excludes sub-accounts, and the extended schema always includes them. For example,

Simple: Revenues -> RevenueOther -> RevenueOther_Normal
Extended: Revenues -> RevenueOther -> RevenueOther-Spa -> RevenueOther-Spa_Normal

Use GET /settings/v1/features/{propertyId} to know if sub-accounts are enabled in a property. Retrieve the hotel’s schema by querying:

GET /finance/v1/accounts/schema

To create, modify, and retrieve sub-accounts access the Settings API.

GET /settings/v1/sub-accounts

Each sub-account has a unique code within one property (and a unique ID within an apaleo account) and belongs to exactly one revenue type. Sub-accounts do not exist for transitory charges, as those are not revenue.

Next, you map specific items and services for sale through the POS to apaleo sub-accounts using the Finance API.

GET /finance/v1/types/service-types
  "serviceTypes": [

The service types that are of interest are FoodAndBeverages and Other. Each of these has sub-accounts for each VAT type that exists in the hotel’s country.

To understand where a charge will end up in accounting, you need:

  • VAT type
  • Service type
  • [Optional] sub-account id

Here’s what you need to do to get the initial setup right.

To fetch the correct properties, access the Inventory API.

GET /inventory/v1/properties

To find the room where charges should be added to, access the Booking API.

GET /booking/v1/reservations

To find the folio, where charges should be added, access the Finance API.

GET /finance/v1/folios

To add charges and payments to the folio, access the Booking API.

GET /booking/v1/reservations

To find the folio, where charges should be added, access the Finance API.

POST /finance/v1/folio-actions/{folioId}/charges

POST /finance/v1/folio-actions/{folioId}/transitory-charges

POST /finance/v1/folios/{folioId}/payments