apaleo Developer Documentation

If you have the next great product for hotels, we have APIs designed with care and built with love exactly for you, and our friends the robots.

apaleo APIs

apaleo APIs are accessible via Swagger UI, allowing you to browse and interact with the resources. Most APIs are split up into modules, which you can select using the dropdown in the top-right. For each resource, you can see the input parameters and output model, together with examples.

To get started, sign up for your apaleo developer account. It’s free!

Get your apaleo developer account

We’ll help you to set up example hotels and reservations. That way, you can start building and testing right away.

You can read or modify the data in your test hotels when you are logged in to your apaleo developer account and then click on Authorize in the Swagger UI. It’s the perfect way for troubleshooting or finding out how exactly the API works.

Business APIs

The apaleo Core APIs let you access basic functionality and data: rates and reservations, accounting, housekeeping, inventory management, and payment. For most integrations to apaleo, this is the place to start. Fun fact, those APIs are also used by the apaleo frontend.

Development APIs

APIs designed for you, to make integrations easier. Subscribe to webhooks or ARI updates (availability, rates, and inventory), or manage your apaleo One integrations.

Setup APIs

APIs to develop tooling to set up hotels. Useful when you develop scripts to automate hotel setups for demos or hotel chains, but you won’t need them for anything else. Set up users, payment accounts, automation options, or styling for invoices.

Start building your apps

We love apps of all shapes and sizes. From revenue management to guest-facing and everything in between. Our APIs are open for everyone to explore, but you need API credentials to access any data.

apaleo offers two different ways to connect, depending on whether you are building an integration available for everyone listed on the apaleo Store or a custom project for one hotel.

Get your apaleo developer account

Publish your app

Once you finished the integration, you can list your product on the apaleo Store. Then hotels can connect apaleo and your product with one click - no extra work for anyone. We review submissions to the apaleo Store to ensure a certain level of quality. This includes a check of the integration and of the content you submit for your listing page.

Read how it works:

Reach out to us, when you want to get listed on the apaleo Store. Don’t worry; this is not a lengthy or expensive process. When all is looking good, the whole thing can be over in a couple of minutes. And it’s free.

Stay up to date

Just like your apps, we try to stay at the leading edge of innovation. That is why things are bound to change in order to follow up with improvements.


In order for you to stay up to date with all the new features on our APIs or changes to the current ones, we recommend you to subscribe to our announcements repository. In there we will keep you posted on all the new great things we are building to make your life easier. Also you will find out of possible deprecations of fields or endpoints in our APIs.

Status page

The Status page is a place where we will publish all incidents and scheduled maintenances. It also shows the historical uptime and past incident history. You can easily subscribe and get notifications about incidents via email, Slack, or webhook.

When you see something wrong is happening with apaleo platform, first, check the status page. Most probably, we are already working on the issue.